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In 1994 — Moumou; 100 trees garment factory”Founded in Guangzhou Panyu.

In 1996 — “Moumou”Shirt was named“Chinese recognized brand names”, The rapid growth of product sales。

In 1999 — “Moumou”Trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recognized as“A Well-Known Trademark in China”,Was named“The national top 500 private enterprises”。

In 2000  —  Moumou for the first time by the world brand laboratory identified as China top 500 most valuable brands

In 2001  —  Moumou by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China for the export of brand-name products identification

In 2004  —  Moumou by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China awarded “ China most competitive brand &rdquo title.

In 2008  —  Moumou awarded “ the most competitive brands on the market; ” enterprise harmonious labor relations in Zhejiang province was awarded the honorary title;

In 2012  —  Moumou Anhui Tongling production base completed and put into operation

In 2014  —  Moumou carding and reshaping of brand, launched a new brand image strategy.

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